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When to listen

Are you feeling Stressed? Need to relax but don’t know how? Then I hope you will find this mp3 relaxing and rewarding.  The best time to listen to this is first thing in the morning or last thing at night.  But anytime you can listen for 20 minutes is ok.  Some people even listen to this on their tube journey to work as long as they can focus on listening and forget everything else.  For best results use headphones. 

When not to listen

Please do not listen to this mp3 when you are doing anything requiring attention, so DON’T listen to this when driving, operating machinery, cooking your dinner or feeding the baby.  We don’t want you relaxing so much that you can’t do anything important. 

When to make time to listen

When you’re stressed it’s tough to relax and make time for yourself.  And sometimes, we need someone to guide us as there are so many things that can distract you from relaxing and taking a break.  Work. Family. Trying to keep up with the demands of modern life.

When you especially need to make time to listen

Sometimes, in extreme cases, when we start to get really stressed, normal things get under your skin so much you get angry, and that makes you say and do things you wouldn’t normally do!

Have you noticed that when you are relaxed and calm you think differently from when you’re stressed and now you can use the mp3 to enter a relaxed and calm state more easily by just listening with headphones on.

So when you are feeling the most stressed and that you have no time – will be the most important time to take the time to listen - You don’t want to be snapping everyone’s heads off that you love. 

How does it work?

Using this Relaxation mp3, you’re going to put your mind and body into a deep state of peace and calm. You’re simply going to calm down and reduce your stress by relaxing!  When you are relaxed I will make some suggestions that will help you get more relaxed more quickly and more often.  After all, isn’t it lovely when you can feel chilled and relaxed?

So why try it?

Try it. It’s free. It’s relaxing. You have nothing to lose but your stress and anxiety. 

Why am I giving this away?

So why am I giving this away for free? What’s the catch? The catch is, if you like my free relaxation mp3, then you may buy some of my other products.  You may decide you want to by some other mp3 (when I have recorded them), hire me for a speaking engagement, and refer me to your friends, work with me 1 to 1 on one of my personalised well being coaching programs  or maybe if you are local to my therapy business you may come in for some 1 to 1 massage or another relaxation treatment. 

From time to time I will also e-mail you some information about relaxation or any other special offers I may have for you. Your privacy is important and you can unsubscribe any time you want. 

Enjoy your relaxation – you deserve it

Enjoy relaxing.  Music is provided by Alice Rowe who wrote this wonderful music especially for this free gift.  If you want to buy some of her music then contact me and I can put you in touch with Alice.  

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